sobe (sobe_sf) wrote,


So I've finally made some non-MJ music purchases: 

I 2 I by Powerline (aka Tevin Campbell), from A Goofy Movie

This is the shit. 

Ursa Major by Third Eye Blind

This was my band in high school, and this is their first new record in 6 years.  I was a Stephen Jenkins fan, even though I was fully aware that he was a pretentious jackass.  I just didn't care.  I still don't, really.  He somehow makes it charming.  I'm a little bummed that two of the "original" members (the 3EB lineup that existed when they hit it big) have left the band, but I suppose these things happen.   Anyway, I haven't been stalking following them like I used to, so the new record is a nice surprise.  Not done absorbing it yet, but Stephen still knows a hook when he hears one. 

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