sobe (sobe_sf) wrote,

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

I've never been in a fandom with so many wanky flare ups.  Granted, my most recent fandoms have been Private Practice (and we all realize how crappy the show is), Jabbawockeez and [nu]Star Trek.  Maybe I've been spoiled by running in the mellow parts of these fandoms.  But all I want is a place where I can occasionally fangirl without feeling ostracized (and, frankly, without being creeped out by real crazies).   Is that too much to ask?! 

In other news, I ran into my friend JR last night.  Actually, he's my BFF's younger cousin.  Anyway, he's a freshman in college and deep in the competitive and underground hip hop dance scenes.  I was ridiculously excited to find out that he discovered the Off the Wall album and Jackson 5/Jacksons era music after Michael Jackson's death, and that "Off the Wall," "Blame It On the Boogie," and "Working Day and Night" are some of his new favorite songs to dance to.  He declared that Off the Wall may be his favorite album ever.  We also bonded a little bit over how shitty commercial radio is, especially hip hop. 

*sniff*  Finally, the youth of America makes me proud.  :D  It helps that he's an all around good kid, too. 

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