sobe (sobe_sf) wrote,

NuTrek is Taking Over my Brain

To be sure.

I want to see Star Trek again.  I've already seen it twice.  But not yet in an IMAX theater.  Stupid movie, making me love Spock and Kirk and Uhura and Sulu and Chekov and  Scotty.  Yeah, I pretty much loved everyone in this.  

And now I can't stop reading ST fan fiction.  Spock/Uhura fanfic, specifically.  It's weird, I cannot get through Spock/Kirk slash fic, but I think Quinto and Pine would make a really adorable couple.    I'm really neutral on Sylar in Heroes, but now I think Zach Quinto is as cute as a button.

I also now want to rent Wrath of Khan (Trek II)  and The Voyage  Home (Trek IV).

Tags: geek
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