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I think I might be over this season of America's Best Dance Crew already.  The only crew I really like is Rhythm City.  Everyone else is very, very meh.   I know I'm supposed to like Vogue Evolution, but I'm not that impressed by them.  Yes, Leyomi is fierce, but sometimes her foot placements are distractingly awkward, and the crew as a whole definitely needs to sharpen up.   

Honestly, the show might've peaked in Season 1 with the MJ Thriller challenged (two of my favorite things:  MJ and Jabba).  Season 2 was ok (Supreme Soul initially put me off with their schtick, but had some great performances.  Fanny Pak and Super Cr3w had some great routines, too).  Season three was very good with a tight competition between Beat Freaks and Quest.  Maybe it's too early to officially call it, but this season looks like the worst of the four. 

WTH, can't one of my dance reality shows be good this year?