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So high and then so low

I passed the bar!!!  YAY!  I don't have to do it again!  I get promoted from "Graduate Legal Assistant" to "Staff Counsel."  I get to sign my name "sobe_sf, Esq."  I'm not over-the-top ecstatic because that's not my nature, but I'm very, very relieved and I'm happy. 

But then I had to go and get a haircut.  BANGS TRAUMA REDUX!  Perhaps even shorter than the photo below.  I really like the rest of my hair, but the bangs.  Oh, the bangs...
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Bangs Trauma

OMG:  Sooooooooooo short.  My bangs are up above my eyebrows.  I should have shown the lady who's never cut my hair before a picture before I let her start cutting. 

This is actually a halfway decent picture of my melon, but trust me, it looks a lot worse normally.  This is as long as I could get my bangs with a flat iron.  But if I don't flat iron, I have a weird wave in my hair that makes my bangs weirdly poofy.

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Damned hormones

PMS is a bitch.  And I should stay far, far away from funerals. 

I have never watched an episode of Meet the Press.  Not because I don't care about politics or news, but because I usually don't wake up on Sundays until those shows a long over.  But I thought the Tim Russert tributes were really, really touching.  Yesterday night, after a long day, I sat down and watched a memorial service for a man I didn't know, who I rarely watched on TV.  And I was honestly moved to tears.  It wasn't the professional achievements he accomplished, it was the personal notes that were really touching.  That so many people--his co-workers, his superiors, his subordinates, the people he covered, friends, strangers--mourned his loss and eulogized him so warmly made me cry.  He was clearly loved by the people that knew him personally, and he seems to have raised a wonderful son.

Maybe I'm particularly sensitive because of all the mortality issues surrounding my mom's health, and because of my own health issues (though my problems don't even compare, clearly).   But what I took away from the media's coverage of Tim Russert's death was that his was the kind of legacy I'd be proud to leave behind. 

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Tech Talk

Twelve hundred fifty dollars.  Two days.  Two new pieces of consumer electronics. 

I bought a new laptop yesterday night.  I was hoping the old one would last forever, especially because my mom gave it to me for Christmas three and a half years ago (!) and because I just recently extended the warranty on it.  But, no.  It's getting old and starting to lose keys.  First it was D.  Then it was Caps Lock.  Tab is just hanging on by a thread.  Last year I had the power jack replaced for the third time, and the motherboard pooped out, too.  Old Bessie Mae is worn out and needs to be retired.  My teenage brother said he'd give her a good home.  I just need to send it in to have the keyboard fixed and it'll be ok for surfing and stuff. 

I got another Toshiba.  The Fry's guy was pretty cool, I told him I was a student and I was in the market for a mid-priced laptop.  He took me over to the Toshiba a215-S6814.  Really nice feature set (2GB RAM, 250GB hard drive, etc) for $800, down from $1000 (it's being replaced by a newer model and I got the last one).  Really cool, since I was prepared to spend $1000-1200.  So far, it's been great.  The customer reviews online were generally positive, and the only problem mentioned was remedied by a Toshiba patch.  Sweet. 

And my other purchase was a new digital camera.  Despite my several years in the 1Hr Photo/Camera Department, I never actually bought a camera for myself.  But since I was laying down a grand on a new computer, I went whole hog and got a new camera too.  Weirdly, I feel like I should be sticking to film, old fogey that I am, but the camera was too cute.  Here she is:

I'm a Canon girl all the way.  Basically the same camera as the SD 1000, but has image stabilization, an extra megapixel of resolution and a slightly cuter design.  Solid camera, really nice picture quality.  No manual settings, but I'm no Ansel Adams, so I'll live.   Got a good deal on Amazon.  Sells for $250 in-store (plus tax), but got it for $218, free shipping, no tax.  Sweet!  I'll be packing it at graduation.  (Assuming I pass all my finals.)

*Interesting.  My gadgets are apparently female. 
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I officially love Dr. Drew.  Alright, so I loved him before this, but he's even more awesome than I had imagined.  On a whim, I MySpace-messaged his account.  I wrote that I was working on a bioethics paper on Celebrity Rehab.  Honestly, I was expecting no response at all and I was fully prepared to write in my paper that I attempted to contact him, but received no reply.  I would've been ok with that because, really, when does the man sleep?  My jaw literally dropped when I saw that he had messaged me back, wanting to arrange a phone call to adequately discuss the issue. 

I talked to him tonight for about half an hour.  We covered a lot of ground and he gave me a lot of details.  It was great.  And I only made as ass out of myself a tiny bit, in the beginning when I unnecessarily gave him a short bio on me.   But whatever,  the conversation was a tremendous help to me and he offered more help if I needed it.   Yay.  Dr. Drew is good people. 

Yeah, objectivity may be a little bit of a problem in my term paper. 
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The story of my life

Someone linked me to the Garfield Minus Garfield site, and, oh my God, I'm identifying far too much with crazy John Arbuckle. 

That is me at my self-loathiest best. 

I'm scared.  Graduation is coming so fast, and I'm starting to feel really overwhelmed.  I feel like I'm not ready to grow up.  My current work wants me after graduation, and that's awesome, but I've convinced myself that I'm going to fuck up and get myself fired.  That's all assuming that I pass the bar the first time around.  And that I graduate (though I'd really have to screw up not to graduate). 

Why don't I have any self-confidence?  I'm too damn old to be this emo. 

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If only I could find me a Floyd

In an attempt to find something to relieve my coughing and allow me to sleep, I cracked and bought a vaporizer for my bedroom.  I plugged it in while wearing my plastic-framed glasses and unsexy pjs.  And then it dawned on me that Liz Lemon/Tina Fey is my hero.  Me and just about every other geeky/awkward fully-grown woman.   I wish I was half as funny, cute, successful, etc.  And, seriously, Floyd is perfect.   Though, Tina love aside, I voted Obama. 

Typing this out reinforces how much of a dork I am. 

I'm so, so tired.  And sick.  Waaah.

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Mixed bag

I'm sick.  Again.  My immune system is so frickin' lame.  Not just the sniffles, we're talking hacking coughs, sore throat, aches, head congestion and occasional puking.  Stupid worthless flu shot.  I'm such awful company when I'm sick.  When I feel this bad, I make sure to let everyone know.  (I attribute this to my Catholic suffering compulsion.)  I'm not exactly whiny and I'm not looking for sympathy (though I'll accept it), but I just love talking about how miserable I am.  In detail.  Which...kinda sounds like whining. but I still think I'm more descriptive than complain-y.

But not all is bad.  I feel super crappy, but I needed to get out of the house to run errands and pay some bills.  I figured that I might feel better if I prettied myself up, so I put on my face.  Not my law-school-prom face, but closer to my fancy-dinner face.  And this store clerk flirted with me.  He left, came back and flirted some more.  Now this doesn't happen to me often anyway, so it was even more surprising that it happened when I could barely keep my dinner down.  I wanted to die a little less. 

And I have supremely good news.  My work (I'm a paid extern) offered me a job after graduation.  WOO! I was going to ask them about a possible postion eventually, but they approached me about it.  I told them I was interested and my supervisor said she'd get the paperwork started.  My dream job is still that NLRB Field Attorney position I interviewed for a couple of weeks ago, but it's great to have the respect of my supervisors and it's great to have some security for after graduation. 
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Happy Week

I'm actually having a really good week!  It's so unusual for me to have good things to say about myself and my life.  I'm actually trying to give up being self-loathing and self-deprecation for Lent.  But this post is is about good stuff. 

1)  I had a really good job interview this Wednesday with the National Labor Relations Board.  This is a job I'd really, really love to have.  It's government (I know I'm not big-time firm material) and, more importantly, it's labor law!  It's funny that I only took labor law because of a scheduling snafu, and it became my favorite area of law.  It's the one subject I still get really fired up about.  And I think that enthusiasm really showed through at the interview.  The interviewer was also really interested in my Wal-Mart background.  I got a lot of positive feedback from the him and I came out of that interview feeling better than I had in a long time.  He said he'd recommend me for a second interview, so *fingers crossed*. 

2)  I was already enjoying the week because of the glorious Conan/Colbert/Stewart crossover.  That was the most amazing thing I've ever seen on late night tv.  I love the three of them, though Conan's my original and current favorite.  Late Night was on fire all week.  Besides the brawl, we got the speed tour of 30 Rockefeller, superdesk and ring spin record breaking!  I love that he had an MIT physicist on the show to help him beat his ring spin personal best.  Nerd love. 

3) All indications point to a resolution of the strike sometime this week.  Possibly as early as Monday.  I hope it's a decent deal, and something that the majority of writers can really live with.  If that happens and I get my shows back this season, then I'm a happy camper.

4)  And tonight was Law School Prom.  It's officially called "Over the Hump," but let's call a spade a spade.  It's prom.  I had a good time, despite being the dateless 5th wheel.  Me, Julie and Yomei get better acquainted with Julia's fiance.  I got to dress up.  I got more buzzed than I've probably ever been in my life.  Nothing embarrassing happened.  It was all good. 

Now If I could sleep for 16 hours and awake to magically completed basic finance homework, it'd be the perfect week. 
Oh my...this is delicious.

I once was blind

I got my glasses today.  I was worried that I made a rash decision last week, but no, I still love them.  Totally worth it.  Bonus:  clear vision!  My last pair was at least 5 years old. 


Now I just have to make sure I don't lose these glasses within a week. 
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